Based in London with production in Poland and raw materials
from Germany, absoluteBLACK has developed a line of oval chain rings and other products to enhance your ride. Their rings are optimized to help smooth out your pedal stroke by reducing the effective gear size as you are hitting the dead zones (top and bottom). As you get into your power stroke, the oval causes the effective gear size to expand. All of this translates into smoother pedaling, better traction and improved climbing.

absoluteBLACK also makes disc rotors, hubs, chain catchers and guards, and a few other odds and ends.

Scott currently is runningĀ  the Direct Mount SRAM rings in black on a Van Dessel Full Tilt Boogie in sizes ranging from 38t to 50t, gold gravel rings on an Ultegra 6800 equipped commuter bike., and silver Premium road rings on an Ultegra Di2 equipped Bianchi Sempre Pro. Vee is also running the direct mount 1x ring on her Focus Mares CX bike.


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