Vie 13 Apparel

THEY ARE OBSESSED. With fabrics. Cuttings. Seams. Getting rid of seams. 

Gary and Theresa Cliff-Ryan of Vie13 Kustom Apparel create some of the best custom clothing out there. They sweat the details and find the best fabrics out there.

We worked with Gary and his team to create our first kits using their Warrny Suits. These suits combine the functionality of a jersey and bibs and the aerodynamics of a skin suit. The jersey is attached on the back and sides, but the front is open. The two large pockets on the back float from the suit to stay in place even under the most demanding riding. The high end Italian fabrics combined with their own Vie13 developed chamois make this a pro level kit that has been raced to wins on a global level.

We’ve known Gary and Theresa for number of years now, and are excited to be able to work with them and ride in their top quality kits. We hope to be able to continue to create more kits with them and share their great products with you.

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