#TeamKICKASS Is Live!

Welcome to #TeamKICKASS. Get fit, have fun, do good.

#TeamKICKASS, Vee and Scott

#TeamKICKASS started as a laugh between a husband and wife and has turned into a bit of our identity. We joked around about it because our lives are so busy between our day jobs, our passions, and our fitness endeavors. Some professional cyclocross friends took the nickname Team Awesome, so we decided to go with #TeamKICKASS. We started using it as a hashtag, and next thing you know, people started referring to us that way.

Our motto is “Get Fit, Have Fun, Do Good.” It’s something that we live by, and we want to share the message with the world.

Get Fit – There are a lot of reasons to get in shape. Live longer, the ability to do more, lower the risk of health issues, the list goes on. For us, being fit helps us do everything we do, and we have fun with it. It is our way to spend time together and support each other in our goals.

Have Fun – Something that has always been important to Vee is having fun with her fitness goals and it’s something she brings to her group exercise classes. If you aren’t to having fun, you probably aren’t going to keep at it. She jokes around and acts goofy at times, but what you don’t realize is you are actually working out.

Do Good – As part of our mission, we want to empower people to help others. It can be something small like saying good morning to a stranger, or as big as organizing a charity event. Last June, we lost Vee’s dad to pancreatic cancer. It was a few days before the American Cancer Society’s Philly Bike-A-Thon, but it just wasn’t possible for us to do the ride. This Sunday, we will be riding the Bike-A-Thon as our first official event for #TeamKICKASS. We are looking forward to more events in the future, and getting you involved with us.

Yup, you are going to see a lot of these pics.

So that’s it in a nutshell. We’ll be adding sections to the site about our partners along with other fun content about our adventures. We’ll have a recap of the ACS Bike-A-Thon next week, so check back to see how it went.

To donate to our Bike-A-Thon pages, click here to go to our Donation page, where you can find links to both of our pages.

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