Cannonball Run

October 25th, 2020
Sunday – 9:00am

Join us for some fun

The concept of this ride/race is loosely based the 80s movie Cannonball Run. In the movie, participants race their cars across the United States with no existing route or rules except you need to drive.  The goal is to get the best time. Unlike most speed records and races, there’s no sanctioning body or official rules. That’s because setting a Cannonball record invariably involves breaking multiple traffic laws. In other words, it’s illegal. But that doesn’t stop people from doing it.

OK, now we aren’t going to break any rules….BUT we aren’t going to give you the route either.

So here’s the concept of this race/ride. You will show up at Riverfront Park in Marieta PA for registration between 8:00-8:30am. At approximately 5 minutes prior to the start we will give you the destination/checkpoint address. You’ll need to figure the best route or team up with someone that knows where they are going. The location will be approximately 30 miles away. This location will be the turn-around/checkpoint. This will be the only aid-station for the day which will have water and party waiting for you. At the check-in you’ll need to….well “check-in”. This is provide proof that you made it there. You’ll be required to stay at this location a minimum of 10 minutes. This will force you to take a moment and smell the proverbial roses.

Everyone then will race back to Riverfront Park. The first three people to make it back to the park will win some silly prizes. You will need to show proof that you made it to the checkpoint. We’ll have a secret way of doing that which you’ll find out at the time of arrival at the checkpoint.

Finally, you will be required to smile a lot. because after all you are riding you bike 🙂  

You have questions I’m sure:

  1. Please bring some kind of GPS. Keep in mind you’ll only have 5 minutes to figure out your route prior to leaving. This is part of the CHAOS which we hope to cause. We expect that there will be several different ways to get to the checkpoint. So choose wisely.
  2. Bring a cell phone. You’ll need it for part of the race.
  3. Bring your own nutrition. We plan on providing water but it depends on how many sign-up as to the level of service otherwise. 
  4. We won’t have official SAG support. It’s just going to be one or two people out there with cars capable to pick you up. My friends want to ride this too so the support is going to be limited. 
  5. You are going to need to repair your own bikes/tires. 
  6. Obey the law. It’s stupid that I even have to say this but we want everyone to be safe.
  7. Don’t be a DOUCHE BAG. If you are the type of person who takes things too seriously this is not for you. 
  8. Have Fun. That’s one of the mottos of our team and we want you to enjoy yourself too! 



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