When it comes to cycling, Scott is your man. A bike has been a part of his life for longer than he can remember, starting as a means of get around as a kid, to a way to stay in shape and compete as an adult. He is also a writer for, along with shooting photography at races, Lancaster Barnstormers games, and other events. 

Through Vee, he has also moved to running. It all started when he began following her at her races by bike with a camera to catch her in action. Scott decided he wanted to give running a try again, having not seriously ran since cross country in college. With running only 7 miles in two runs between March and May, he completed his first half marathon in 2016. He caught the bug, and has run two other halfs, and multiple 5K and 10K events. Vee always jokes he is a better runner than cyclist, with a few age group podiums by foot, and none on the bike. 

Supporting Vee is also a big part of his life. As a team, they work together to achieve their goals, whether they are sport oriented or not. He also runs an organic beard product business, Lancaster Beard Company, where he handcrafts small batch beard balms .

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